Thursday, June 5, 2014

Good Luck Adding These 2014 France Souvenir Sheets to Your Collection

The treasures of French philately is a new collection that will be issued over the next 5 years. It will feature 50  line engraved France stamps. Only line engraved stamps that are the most emblematic of this method of printing have been chosen for this collection. Each souvenir sheet has a little bit of history about the stamp depicted.

The first set of 10 mini sheets (10 sheet x 5 years = 50 mini sheets.......!!!!) will be available in pre-release at "Salon Planète Timbres Paris 2014" on June 15th. It is already available to professional re sellers since May 12th.

I do believe they will not only be expensive (120 euros for this year set of 10 souvenir sheets), they will also be scarce. Limited to 30 000 sets I can see some sellers trying to get as many as they can and hoard them until they can sell them back with a scarce premium.

It's a lot of money, 600 euros, if you want them all. Add all the "collector" issues France is doing lately and you are getting a very expensive collection. No wonder some people stop collecting modern French stamps. Oh and there is no way you'll find any of these in used condition.

So here's one of the souvenir sheet:

Yes it's a beauty, but at 12 euros a mini sheet, it better be.....

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